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Hallways are Rooms Too: Design Them for Living

December 15th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

When thinking about design projects to tackle in your home, hallways can often be overlooked.  Unlike the foyer, hallways are typically thought of as transition spaces, but the reality is…hallways are rooms too!  The amount of foot traffic that passes through these corridors can rival 405 Freeway at times.  Aside from the occasional gallery of family photos, most hallways remain under-stated under-designed and under-whelming.  But the reality is these passageways have a loads of potential for creative expression and functionality and should be treated with the same love and attention as the other rooms in your home.

PicMonkey Collage_opt

Images Via: Decorpad and Pinterest

With a few key design elements you can turn a neglected hallway into a great looking space that you enjoy everyday during your “rush hour” traffic.

Add a Punch of Color:

Many hallways can seem small, cramped and dark. This can be a great place to go bold with some pops of color.  There are several ways to achieve this, depending on your comfort level.  From colorful artwork adorning the walls, to simply painting out the doors or walls in your favorite shades,  the hallway can benefit from a burst of color.   Consider introducing a colorful floor runner, painted furniture pieces or accent with colorful accessories.  A small console table with a bouquet of flowers, a colorful stack of vintage suitcases, or colorful frames for family photos can all add a touch of boldness to liven up your hallway.


Image Via: Elle Decor

Pinterest color hall

Image Via: Pinterest

Showcase Your Collectables:

I know a lot of us have some unusual objets which we’ve collected from our travels over the years.  The hallway is an ideal space to showcase those unique finds as they will instantly add to the personalization of your home and create points of interest or focal points. Whether it’s a quirky find from an antique shop or objects from exotic ports, find the perfect spot to highlight them down the hallway.

Rue Magazine Halway_opt-1

Image Via: Rue Magazine

Extra Storage:

No matter the home, extra storage space is always a welcome feature and the hallway can be a great place to find it.  Narrow shelves can be recessed into the walls to hold books for households of avid readers or to showcase anything from trophies to treasures.  Hallways near entrances can have unique coat hooks and wall-mounted mail sorters to help keep the home organized.  You can also take advantage of the space between studs in your wall and create small built-in cabinets that can store anything from rolled-up linens to seasonal decorations.

Pinterest Hallwya
Image Via: Pinterest
Transforming your hallway from a walkway to a utilitarian and functional area is a great idea if you have the space.  Console tables are an incredibly versatile addition to any hallway, and with the addition of a small chair can easily make a cute and functional desk area.  If you have a wide enough hallway or landing off your staircase, add a window seat along with bookshelves for a quiet spot to rest, reflect and read. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.40.26 PM
Image Via Houzz
There are so many creative ways to spruce up all types of hallways…so don’t let yours go to waste!
Call 310-788-0990 or contact me for additional design tips for your home or for help with transforming your space.


A Mid-Century Modern Home Tour: The Kitchen

November 19th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

As we continue the tour of a mid-century modern style, it’s time to step into the room that continues to be the heart and soul of the home – the kitchen!  Over the years the kitchen has evolved into a multi-purpose space.  There are times it will serve as a four star restaurant, gourmet deli, dining room, office, entertainment room, living room – and all around social hub!

In more modern environments the open kitchen layout and design integrates well into the overall architecture of the home particularly when orienting the kitchen toward the open living space.  Below is the new kitchen floor plan of  our #PalmSprings project.  By removing  existing walls and re-orienting the workspace toward the expansive living area and spectacular mountain view, natural light will instantly flood the living ares of the home.

Modern Kitchen Layout

Open Spaces, Natural Tones, Clean Lines – The open floor plan allows you to interact with your guests while you are in  entertainment mode, making it a much more social, approachable and inclusive experience. Deep architectural elements complimented by light natural tones and clean and simple lines lend a distinctive modern charm to the kitchen.


Image via Mid Century Home

Let the Wood Take Center Stage – Natural wood tones and multiple species are common in this design style. Showcasing the beauty of these woods through the cabinetry and seating is an ideal place to highlight their natural beauty.

MCM Kitch Pinterest_opt

Image via Pinterest

Built-in Banquette and Modern Chairs – These days, a kitchen is not complete without a comfy seating area to enjoy the food and the company of family and friends. Regardless of the size, a sleek built-in banquette would work beautifully within a mid-century modern inspired kitchen. Introduce a pop of color on the tabletop and sprinkle a few Arne Jacobsen chairs around and you have the most stylish breakfast nook for you and homework center for the kids!

banquette pinterest_opt-1

Image Via Pinterest

Use the Right Lighting – Good lighting is essential to a well-functioning kitchen design no matter what style, and selecting a favorite mid century modern pendant for that space can really pack a punch! Whether you’re hanging pendants over your kitchen island or a single fixture over dining table, find your favorite piece. Does the sparkle of a sputnik-like chandelier give you the look you’re after  or is it the avocado PH pendant light?  Either way a stylized modern fixture like these will instantly speak the mid century modern lingo.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 4.17.25 PMImage via Apartment Therapy

I would love to help you design your modern kitchen and full home remodel.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.



Reviving Wallpaper in Refreshing Ways

September 7th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Modern wallpaper comes in such a wide variety of designs, colors, and even textures that there is a look and style for everyone.  I am a big fan of elegant treatments and interesting textures. Whether you are treating all four walls of your living room, or using remnant pieces for pops of color and texture ,there are endless ways you can create gorgeous effects with just a little bit of wallpaper in your home.

Step Up To The Challenge

I’ve seen plenty of creative painted staircases, so why not use wallpaper? A subtle design lends an elegant effect to stair risers, but you can also take the opportunity to let the bolder side of your personality shine through with a bright wallpaper pattern.

 Stair Risers

Behind The Scenes

Use leftover wallpaper pieces to accent shelves and even small table spaces. You can line inside table legs with strips of wallpaper. Clear gloss sprayed on top of wallpaper gives it a shiny patina and helps protect the surface.

 Wallpaper on Shelving


Choose a wallpaper design you absolutely love and frame it as large-scale artwork.  Using three large strips of wallpaper framed with molding or a large picture frame will create balance and cover most of one wall.  There is plenty of wallpaper available that looks like artwork, so this is an easy look to pull off.

 Framed Wallpaper

Lights, Action!

Cover your lampshade with patterned wallpaper using a spray mount.  It’s such an easy way to create the look of custom lighting, and you can tie it in with other wallpapered elements in the room.

 Wallpaper Lampshade

Dress Your Drawers

What an eye-pleasing treat to open a plain, old drawer and see a burst of color and design. Use wallpaper to line the bottom sections of kitchen, bath or office drawers.

 Wallpaper Dresser

Remember, your space should reflect your unique style and personality, and incorporating wallpaper into your design plan can help. For additional interior design trends, tips and ideas for your home or office, contact us at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.


Photo Credits:

1-3.) Houzz

4-5.) BHG

Blogger19 Reunion: Target House A St. Jude Partner

August 19th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

As a part of Brizo’s Blogger19 Reunion tour of St. Jude’s facilities, we were taken on a tour of the Target House.  This facility, opened in 1999 as a generous gift from Target, provides long-term housing for St. Jude patients and their families when treatments last anywhere from three months to three years.  The goal was to make a private safe haven for families to live and feel at home during the on going stresses of long-term treatment.

Target House Exterior

Target House – Elephant Mascot representing long life, strength and playfulness.

photo 2

The Target House is is flooded with natural light and bright colors, making it a very cheerful place from the moment you walk through the doors.  While it is designed to be a sterile and easy-to-clean environment, it achieves this without the chemical and cold feeling of a hospital.  The floors are hardwood and low-nap carpets rather than cold tile, giving the place a warm and homey feeling.

Crown molding, wainscoting, rich wood accents, and spaces and furnishings designed and donated by celebrities make it very easy to forget you’re in a hospital environment.

Room in Target House

The Sean White Great Room – 70′s Rock & Roll Inspired Room

Families that stay at the Target House can enjoy private apartment suites with everything they need for day-to-day living and access to free laundry facilities.  In addition to giving families their private spaces, the designers of the Target House also understood the need for a supportive community and included plenty of common spaces for the enjoyment of the residents.  There is a library full of books and movies, a music room, an arts and crafts room, and plenty of playing areas.  There is also a communal dining room and kitchen available if families have days where they don’t want to use the kitchens provided in their private apartments.


The Tiger Woods Library


Brad Paisley Room


 Guitar Light Fixture – Brilliant!

The final result is not just a beautiful design, but a healing one for both the patient and their family.  The Target House helps to turn the terrible and frightening task of battling pediatric cancer into a more comfortable stay for the entire family.  It embodies the true spirit and meaning of “home” by creating an environment which is beautiful, safe and comfortable!

Blogger19 Reunion: Visit to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

August 11th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

On day 1 of the #Blogger19 Reunion, we were taken on a tour of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This hospital is a beautifully designed, state of the art facility that is surprisingly cheerful and full of smiles- not what you’d expect from any hospital, much less one that treats such serious illnesses in children…and this is only one aspect of St. Jude that makes this hospital an exceptional facility on every level!

St. Jude Orientation

Morning breakfast and Introduction to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Founder Danny Thomas

Hospitals are often associated with white, sterile environments, austere design, and expensive bills, but St. Jude breaks these assumptions.  No one leaves St. Jude with an astronomical bill- or a bill of any kind.  Treatment, whether outpatient or inpatient, and all other expenses associated with treatment are covered entirely by private and corporate donations.

As you might expect, this adds up to a rather hefty operating cost for the hospital- $1.8 million per day.  While a portion of these costs are covered by government grants, the vast majority of it comes from donations from companies like Brizo and individuals like you and me.  In addition, because St. Jude is a research hospital, they have been instrumental in the astronomical increase in childhood cancer survival rates- now 80-94% instead of the 20% from the hospital’s inception in 1962.

Danny Thomas Research center honoring

The Danny Thomas Research Center displays flags honoring contributing researchers from around the world.

In addition to the difference the hospital makes in its daily operation, St. Jude has also broken boundaries in its design.  They place significant value on the input and comfort of the patients and their families.  Multiple design themes are most important throughout this facility.  The second floor themes range from the zoo to fairytale and travel…while the fourth floor is all recreational themed – which include swimming, track and hot air ballooning. Waiting rooms are designed to be private and quiet, inpatient suites are sound-proofed, and the entire facility is colorfully and very thoughtfully decorated with their patients in mind.


Image Via Haizlip Studio


Image Via Haizlip Studio

Patient artwork is also on display expressing their courage and determination through the personal journeys and challenges they face.


At the end of our tour, we were able to spend some time with these beautiful children working on some fun art activities…and here is a doll house that my little friend decorated.


Touring St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was beyond impressive.  This is an exceptional and highly specialized cancer facility with an infrastructure that rivals a small city! To help this groundbreaking hospital continue their important work, make a donation today!

Experiencing the Blogger19 Reunion in Memphis

August 4th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

I recently returned home from Memphis, where I attended a truly eye-opening design event.  The Blogger19 Reunion, hosted by Brizo, was three full days of tours, projects, and a host of emotional experiences.  I was part of a group of designers and bloggers who also attended Brizo’s New York Fashion Week, and what an amazing opportunity to reconnect with old friends… and to see behind-the-scenes of the Brizo factory and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and their related Target House.


St. Jude might seem like an unusual destination for 80 designers and architects, even if it’s in the same city as a luxury faucet manufacturer, but Brizo is a proud Sponsor of the Hospital’s work and one of its big fundraising projects, the Dream Home Giveaway.  Brizo not only invited us to see their factory, but also to witness first hand the philosophy and design concept of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Facility and the Target House, which provides housing for families of those children undergoing extensive long-term treatment.

Brizo Blogger19

Brizo’s work with St. Jude and the Dream Home Giveaway is an extension of their forward-thinking approach to their business.  The brand is known for collaboration, not only with good causes like St. Jude but with fashion designer Jason Wu as well as with our group of bloggers.

This collaborative approach allows Brizo to stay on the cutting edge of faucet design, delivering innovative styles that include the features that designers and homeowners crave.  They are focused on increasingly sustainable designs as well as convenience and ease of use in the kitchen and bathroom.  Even if I didn’t already love the aesthetic beauty of their faucets and shower systems, their commitment to making the world a better and more creative place would earn my loyalty to Brizo as a brand.

Be sure to check back soon for more on my trip to Memphis and about Brizo’s work with St. Jude!

Intricacy in Metal: The Work of Michael Aram

May 27th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

When I was in New York participating in #BlogTourNYC, I had the opportunity to visit the gallery of designer Michael Aram.  This talented artist creates intricate and organic metal creations for the home, merging art and function with the skills and passion he found while visiting India.

Michael Aram

His work brings the natural beauty of plants, feathers, and the ocean into delicately detailed metal pieces.  Much of his work serves a functional purpose in addition to an aesthetic one; his collections include products like picture frames, serving dishes, and candlesticks that can all be used around the home.  The pieces are made with traditional techniques by his own hand, which lends them life and personality even beyond the gorgeous details present in tree bark vases and the soft lines of a feather-inspired tray.

bark vases

Any of the pieces in Michael Aram’s extensive collection of work would make a delightful addition to a home design.  Imagine serving dinner and surprising your guests when the beautiful acorn sculptures nestled on an oxidized bronze leaf turn out to be the salt and pepper shaker.  You bring out honey in a goldplate apple with a clever arrow-shaft spoon, recalling the story of William Tell.  Bread is served in a metal basket made of silvery woven vines and leaves, and candles flicker from branch-inspired candleholders.

Seeing Aram’s work in person is even more incredible than the online images.  His collections were displayed in a renovated Chelsea Carriage House Showroom, which was the perfect location to set off his ornate pieces.  We had the privilege to hear him talk about his work, his inspiration, and the life-changing trip to India that started it all.  The love he has for his work shows in his speaking as well as in the final products, and it’s inspiring to see.

Aram Talking


Aram gift bag

I would love to hear your thoughts on Michael Aram’s work and how you would use his products to add enchantment to your own home!

Stay Inspired!

Coffee Lovers – Prepare Your Senses for the Scanomat Top Brewer

May 22nd, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Over the past couple of months I have been sharing some insights into #BlogTourNYC and the wonderful sponsors, events and products we were privy to.   The Architectural Digest Home Design Show was a highlight for me,  and while the design inspiration, launch of new product lines and parties were fantastic, I wanted to share one of my favorite finds with you from the show.

For those of you who really know me, you know how I absolutely love coffee – I need my cup of jo to start my day…and sometimes a few more in between. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent plenty of time preparing my coffee machine or in line at various coffee shops throughout the city for the cappuccino  I crave but don’t always have the time to make at home.  If only I could have coffee on tap…

Well, Scanomat has heard this wish and they have created an incredible revolution in coffee making technology.  The Scanomat Top Brewer looks like a simple tap, but it is so much more.  Designed to install easily in any countertop, this coffee maker has the smallest milk foamer in the world and it’s self-cleaning.  The foamer heats fresh milk on demand, and the tap can also provide cold water, cold milk, hot water, and even steam for blanching your vegetables.

YouTube Preview Image

As if that’s not enough, the Top Brewer can be connected to your iPhone or iPad to brew your favorite coffee drink from an extensive menu.  If you’re having a conversation with someone on your iPhone, don’t worry; there is a finger touch keyboard built into the tabletop so that you can still brew your favorite coffee – so cool!

I tried a cappucino made with the Top Brewer at the show, and it was absolutely delicious! It’s almost silent, too, so you never have to worry about disturbing the other members of your family while foaming your milk.  An ideal for that state of the art kitchen or your master bedroom suite.

Scanomat Top Brewer

I would love to help you design a luxury kitchen or master suite with the Scanomat Top Brewer.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. for more information!

Stay Inspired!


Image via Scanomat

Jenn-Air’s Luxury Appliances Add Must-Have Functions to a Kitchen

April 13th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

After the breakfast at the Poggenpohl showroom in the beginning of #BlogTourNYC we were able to make our way through the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, Jenn-Air, another sponsor of the tour had a huge presence at the show.

photo 1

I spent some time in the Jenn-Air booth looking at the variety of top-of-the-line appliances on display, which included some beautiful wall ovens and a stunning, slightly arced stainless steel downdraft hood that retracted back into the countertop when not being used.


The Jenn-Air Accolade downdraft vent combines exquisite style and innovation.  It is constructed of glass and stainless steel, and when operational, the glass panel washes LED lighting over the cooking surface.  The hidden controls help contribute to its sleek and modern design.

Seeing all these luxury Jenn-Air appliances took me back to my childhood for a moment, remembering when my parents remodeled the kitchen of our home back in the mid-70′s.  As a part of the renovation, they installed the Jenn-Air  indoor barbecue.  Not the most popular appliance to add into a kitchen then, but growing up in Winnipeg Canada where the sub zero temperatures  would plummet to 40 degrees below zero on any winter day, I guess you could say that barbecuing indoors was a way for us to extend our very short summer season – or so we believed.

photo 3

Well Jenn-Air has come a long way since then.

They displayed several luxury specialty appliances at the show, including a wine cooler and their new built-in coffee maker.  Incorporating a few of these innovative appliances into your kitchen renovation will set your kitchen apart from the rest…just like the barbecue my parents installed into our family kitchen just a few years ago.  .

House Beautiful 2 (1)

Jenn-Air is a highly respected company for luxury appliances and their products have been featured in many prominent kitchen designs, including the House Beautiful kitchen I mentioned in my last post.  At the show, they not only had their booth, they also showcased their appliances Jenn-Air Master Class Culinary stage, where they sponsored a series of Master Class Studio seminars.  All told, it was an incredible experience to see the new products and innovations coming from Jenn-Air!

Thank you Modenus and the #BlogTourNYC Sponsors Poggenpohl, Blanco, Silestone, Miele, Mr. Steam, Du Verre, Barber Wilsons, Jenn Air, Victoria + Albert Baths, NKBA

Stay Inspired!


Fourth Photo via House Beautiful

Barber Wilsons & Co. Making Taps Fit for Royalty

April 12th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

If Downton Abbey still has you in its grips, you will love this next #BlogTourNYC Sponsor!  England-based Barber Wilsons & Co. is a creator of fine plumbing fixtures in gorgeous traditional British style.


Barber Wilsons & Co.’s luxury plumbing fixtures are designed for everything from kitchen and bathroom sinks to showers, tubs, and bidets, all in a variety of traditional designs.  To complete the collection, they also have accessories like lever handles and bath plugs to match.  One of their finest features is a Mastercraft styled thermostatic shower valve, which provides the ultimate control over your shower’s temperature.

Barber Wilsons & Co. fittings

This company is the oldest water fittings company in the UK, having been around for more than a hundred years.  They have had plenty of time to perfect their craft and design plumbing fixtures fit for a queen– literally!

In addition to a long and prestigious history, Barber Wilsons & Co. holds a Royal warrant from Her Majesty the Queen of England for at least five years of supplying superb goods or services to her.  The tradition of Royal warrants has been around since the Middle Ages to formally recognize excellent service to the Royal family, and it has very strict guidelines that must be met in order for a business to achieve and keep such an honor.



If you love the traditional style and want fixtures fit for a queen, incorporate these exquisite fittings from Barber Wilsons & Co. into your next bathroom renovation project.  Share your thoughts on these beautiful fittings in the comments below!

Image 1: Barber Wilsons & Co.

Image  2:  Elle Decor

Image 3: Modenus

Stay Inspired!