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Hallways are Rooms Too: Design Them for Living

December 15th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

When thinking about design projects to tackle in your home, hallways can often be overlooked.  Unlike the foyer, hallways are typically thought of as transition spaces, but the reality is…hallways are rooms too!  The amount of foot traffic that passes through these corridors can rival 405 Freeway at times.  Aside from the occasional gallery of family photos, most hallways remain under-stated under-designed and under-whelming.  But the reality is these passageways have a loads of potential for creative expression and functionality and should be treated with the same love and attention as the other rooms in your home.

PicMonkey Collage_opt

Images Via: Decorpad and Pinterest

With a few key design elements you can turn a neglected hallway into a great looking space that you enjoy everyday during your “rush hour” traffic.

Add a Punch of Color:

Many hallways can seem small, cramped and dark. This can be a great place to go bold with some pops of color.  There are several ways to achieve this, depending on your comfort level.  From colorful artwork adorning the walls, to simply painting out the doors or walls in your favorite shades,  the hallway can benefit from a burst of color.   Consider introducing a colorful floor runner, painted furniture pieces or accent with colorful accessories.  A small console table with a bouquet of flowers, a colorful stack of vintage suitcases, or colorful frames for family photos can all add a touch of boldness to liven up your hallway.


Image Via: Elle Decor

Pinterest color hall

Image Via: Pinterest

Showcase Your Collectables:

I know a lot of us have some unusual objets which we’ve collected from our travels over the years.  The hallway is an ideal space to showcase those unique finds as they will instantly add to the personalization of your home and create points of interest or focal points. Whether it’s a quirky find from an antique shop or objects from exotic ports, find the perfect spot to highlight them down the hallway.

Rue Magazine Halway_opt-1

Image Via: Rue Magazine

Extra Storage:

No matter the home, extra storage space is always a welcome feature and the hallway can be a great place to find it.  Narrow shelves can be recessed into the walls to hold books for households of avid readers or to showcase anything from trophies to treasures.  Hallways near entrances can have unique coat hooks and wall-mounted mail sorters to help keep the home organized.  You can also take advantage of the space between studs in your wall and create small built-in cabinets that can store anything from rolled-up linens to seasonal decorations.

Pinterest Hallwya
Image Via: Pinterest
Transforming your hallway from a walkway to a utilitarian and functional area is a great idea if you have the space.  Console tables are an incredibly versatile addition to any hallway, and with the addition of a small chair can easily make a cute and functional desk area.  If you have a wide enough hallway or landing off your staircase, add a window seat along with bookshelves for a quiet spot to rest, reflect and read. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.40.26 PM
Image Via Houzz
There are so many creative ways to spruce up all types of hallways…so don’t let yours go to waste!
Call 310-788-0990 or contact me for additional design tips for your home or for help with transforming your space.


Introducing Miele’s Combi-Steam Oven and Brilliant White Plus

March 31st, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

It’s hard to believe that just over a week ago we were welcomed to BlogTour Sponsor Miele‘s, stunning Manhattan Gallery where they hosted the most fabulous dinner party for Modenus and #BlogTourNYC. The culinary feast was prepared by Chef Joey Campanaro from Little Owl using Miele’s own working kitchen of course.  It was a “brilliant” way to end to our first full day of events and without a doubt was a true highlight of #BlogTourNYC.

A huge thank you to our generous Sponsor for a night to remember.

 Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 7.32.24 AM

Now on to the show!

Miele continues to be a leader in both innovation and technology – and most recently launched its Combi-Steam Oven at the Architectural Digest Home Show.  This all-in-one oven brings cooking and baking to a new level by combining the art of steam and convection technology into one powerful appliance.  It is the ideal environment for baking, roasting and broiling –  at the same time adding moisture and enhancing the natural flavors of any recipe.

Miele pioneered steam oven technology over ten years ago and has now perfected it by designing this state-of-the-art combi-oven which effortlessly integrates into any kitchen design style. With a little help from Miele you will become best chef in your neighborhood!

Take a peek at this video to see how it works:

YouTube Preview Image

The Miele Booth at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show clearly illustrates how these stainless Combi-Steam appliances can easily blend into a more rustic design aesthetic.

Steam oven and new combi-steam

Featured on the opposite side of this display was the the new collection called Brilliant White Plus. While over the years stainless steel appliances have become the new standard appliance in kitchen design, many designers and homeowners alike have been eagerly sourcing new colors and finish trends to implement into their projects – putting their personal stamp on style.

Oleg March Photography

The sleek, stylized and sophisticated Brilliant White Plus Series offers just that.

Miele’s integrated appliance options from crisp white wall ovens to coffee systems have finally made it to this side of the pond. What makes this collection so brilliant and unique is that it is faced with a layer of glass which is impervious to stains, incredibly easy to clean and reflects natural light throughout the space.


White kitchens are crisp, clean and stand the test of time. This Brilliant White Plus Collection will integrate seamlessly in to any transitional, contemporary, modern or industrial kitchen design.  Isn’t it time to incorporate some Brilliant White into your dream kitchen?


BlogTour Badge NYC (black)

Thank you Miele and Modenus for an experience of a lifetime!

Photo Credits:

1. Lori Gilder   2. Courtney Price Photography

3 + 4: Oleg March Photography

5 +6 Miele

Stay Inspired!

Large Kitchen Islands for Form and Function

February 26th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Home renovations that focus on the kitchen are a favorite among homeowners, and the kitchen is often cited as an area of the home in need of a makeover -both for function and aesthetics.  One way to add style and function to your kitchen is incorporating a large, multi-purpose island to the space. With an endless array of designs and kitchen layouts a large island will instantly improve the overall function of your home’s hub.

  • The Everything Island: I really love large islands that serve as the focal point of the kitchen. You can include the sink, counter space, wine storage or microwave if space allows.  Add a few stools and you have the ideal breakfast bar. It adds a distinctive look to a kitchen and welcomes everyone to join in on the fun.
  • Plan Appliance Locations Thoughtfully: Managing the traffic flow throughout a busy kitchen requires some careful planning. Space the work triangle so that appliances have ample clearance when open, never open into each other and the cooks have enough space to work side by side.
  • Cookbook Storage: If you love to cook like I do, open shelves are a great place to store cookbooks and other kitchen miscellany within easy reach. They will also add some great character and color to the kitchen area.
  • Lighting: For a more elegant touch, add glass doors and recess lighting to your island’s cabinetry. This is the ideal spot to display your favorite dishes and highlight your colorful pottery collection.  Multiple layers of  lights are both functional and mood provoking so add dimmers to those light sources.


When designing your kitchen and the island, think about how you really use this room, and how you can maximize the space – and make your island work for you. Are you contemplating a renovation for your kitchen?  I am always hear to help! Connect with me via Facebook or contact me via Interior Makeovers, Inc.

Stay Inspired!


Photo Credits:
Lori Gilder

Add Drama to Your Bathroom with a Free Standing Tub

February 4th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

If your bathroom is feeling cramped and humdrum, there’s a simple way to add space and style to the area: replace your old tub with an exquisite free standing tub!  I love the drama that free standing tubs bring to a bathroom.  They add an air of  sophistication and elegance and creates an immediate focal point within the room, as if it were a piece of sculpture.


free-standing tubs bathroom renovation

Why Free Standing?
A drop-in or under mount tub built in to a decking is somewhat expected these days, and at times can feel more like a functional fixture than something that is supposed to be comfortable. A free standing tub gives the appearance of a more spacious bathroom and the variety of unique designs available will enhance any style of master bath.


free-standing tubs bathroom renovation

What Type of Tub Should You Choose?
Select a tub that has a unique style that fits your taste and design sensibility. For a lighter and more classic environment, consider a claw foot tub which elevates it off the floor slightly. There are no shortage of styles – from traditional, transitional and contemporary, these functional art pieces are available in a variety of different shapes, finishes and sizes.

bathroom tubs

I would love to help you create a unique bathroom design by using a free standing tub. For more interior design inspiration, please contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.

bathroom tub remodeling design


Photo Credits:
1.) Leslie Fine Interiors
3.) House Beautiful
4.) Architectural Digest

Luxurious Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2013

January 15th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

One of my favorite things about starting a new year is the influx of new design ideas and trends that come with it.  It’s refreshing to have a wave of fresh inspiration at the beginning of the year, especially when designing a room as popular and important as the kitchen. Luckily, 2013 promises to be another exciting year for kitchen design trends.


There’s been a shift in cultural priorities toward materials and design elements that stand the test of time, so more neutral colors and tones maintain their popularity in kitchen design – particularly on the big ticket items like cabinetry and countertops.  The blending of these neutral tones with varied woods, laminates, glass, metals, stones, even leather and crystal – gives the homeowner an opportunity to showcase their personal design style.   The kitchen is your family’s core……so when you re-design it – think of it as your canvas in which you build the base, then add these layers one by one.

The practical aspects 2013 kitchen design continue with clean lines and modern styling, but with some added warmth from touches of classic country style design.  Kitchens continue to be a part of the popular open floor plan design of homes – where clean lines and warm neutrals help to emphasize the open feeling.

A touch of luxury returns to the trending kitchen features in the high performance appliance choices among homeowners.  It could be due to the continued surge of interest in healthy living and eating or those Food Network cooking shows that we can’t get enough of.

When it comes to appliances, gourmet cooking features are still topping the list with a focus on technological innovation, speed and efficiency.  From the induction cooktop, steam ovens and refrigerator drawers integrating these appliances seamlessly into the cabinetry is a European trend that has finally made its way here.

This is THE year to give yourself the gourmet kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.  I would love to help you design your new kitchen; just contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.

Stay Inspired!


Photo Credits:
1.) HGTV
2.) Houzz
3.) Houzz

Top Home Design Trends for 2013

January 3rd, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

The past year has been an exciting one for home design, but now that we’ve ushered in a new year it’s time to take a look at the most popular trends for this year.  Home design trends for 2013 are building on many of those established in 2012, like open floor plans and energy-efficient design, with an overall attitude shifting toward easy, simple living with low-maintenance materials and streamlined design.  Take a look at which home design trends reign supreme:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces continue to be popular in 2013, with seamless transitions from interior to exterior spaces.  Outdoor spaces feature everything from cozy seating, entertainment systems, fireplaces or fire pits, to full outdoor gourmet kitchens.  Why not extend the summer  for as long as you can and implement a few of these luxuries into your backyard space?

Outdoor Living Spaces

Finished Basements and Attic Spaces

Developing an unfinished basement or attic is fast becoming a smart and sensible remodeling project. Renovating and finishing undeveloped space that already exists in your home, instantly increases your home’s square footage and its overall value! When craving that extra space it makes good sense to finish these undeveloped rooms rather than adding onto the home. Basements and attics are ideal spaces for creating media rooms, offices, studios, or that much needed extra bedroom.

Finished Attic

Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan is a trend that is here to stay. It has been increasingly popular over that past few years and will continue well on into 2013 and beyond.  Open spaces floods natural light throughout your home, facilitates conversation between rooms. allows for greater flexibility in the use of adjacent spaces and makes your home feel that much larger. If you don’t currently have an open floor plan, consider removing a wall or two to improve the flow.  You’ll be glad you did!

Open Floor Plan

Energy Efficiency and Improved Air Quality

Energy efficient home building continues to grow in popularity, allowing home owners to live more comfortably and save money.  Consider replacing old windows, furnaces, and water heaters with new energy efficient models and incorporating automated systems to continue improving the efficiency of your home.  New HVAC and solar heating technology can also improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Energy Efficient Design

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Granite has been dethroned by quartz in 2013.  The countless color options, its high durability, and low-maintenance makes quartz surfaces highly appealing to homeowners.  The colors and finish options are endless and are ideal countertop solutions for any kitchen or bath design style.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodeling was huge last year and is fast becoming as popular as kitchen renovations.  We are seeing a distinctive touch of luxury returning to master baths. This is becoming the most coveted space – a retreat to escape to at the end of a hectic day.   Free standing tubs, walk-in showers with frameless glass, and European style wet baths are trending this year.

Hardwood Flooring

The timeless natural hardwood floor returns to popularity in 2013, trending this year are the lighter shades and stains.  The salvaged look is also hot, with hand-scraped wide planks.

 Hardwood Flooring

Which home design trend are you most excited about seeing in 2013?

Stay Inspired!


Photo Credits:
1.) Houzz
2.)  Southern Accents
3.) Houzz
6.) House Beautiful
7.) Houzz

In Love With White Countertops

December 27th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

What is it about crisp white kitchen countertops that captivates our hearts?  Is it the cleanliness and purity that speaks volumes or the reflective qualities that brighten the overall space? This kitchen design trend has been popular for years, and works beautifully with any kitchen cabinet finish and style.  Its versatility is endless and has an overwhelming appeal to many design savvy homeowners.

White kitchen countertops create a crisp punch to small spaces and offers a modern, upscale appeal.

Custom kitchen design

Using Glassos….Photo image: Julian Wass Designer: Louse Brooks

If you are designing a new kitchen, white is a fantastic starting point. When your kitchen features white surfaces, any accent colors you add can really pop!

Kitchen interior design styles

Caesarstone countertop organic white

White is a timeless choice that will promote your home’s marketability. Here are a few design tips for your home that may help when doing a kitchen makeover:
  • White gives a kitchen a very clean and open appearance and enhances the brightness of both natural and artificial lighting in the room.
  • Plastic laminate counters are history. Instead, choose from several luxurious white materials for your countertops and islands.
  • White granites have the luxurious feel of marble at a lower cost. They also have a subtle infusion of color that only serves to bring out the white beauty of the stone.
  • Quartz is the highest-rated and most affordable countertop surfaces. There are several white choices and all of them are wonderful!
White kitchen interior designs

Image via: Designer: Timothy Corrigan Countertop white thassos

White Caesarstone® is an engineered 95% quartz, very adaptable to most kitchens. Its stains can usually be eliminated with baking soda.  GLASSOS® is a crystallized glass with an intense white surface. It claims to be harder than most granites and offers greater stain proofing, scratch-resistance and never needs to be sealed!. Let’s investigate this one!

I would love to help you design your kitchen with beautiful white surfaces!  Contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 and let’s turn your vision into a reality!

Pantone’s Color of the Year – 2013

December 11th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

Pantone, a leading authority on color and color communication across industries, has released the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year.  After 2012′s vibrant and warm Tangerine Tango, 2013 takes a refreshing dip in the cooler end of the color spectrum with Emerald.

Emerald Home Accents

Image via: Houzz

Emerald is a more balanced and sophisticated tone than the energetic Tangerine Tango, but it also has its own rejuvenating energy that, while not as vivacious as Tangerine Tango, is no less potent.  Historically, this is a color used to symbolize growth, healing, and prosperity, making it a great choice for the promising future we hope to see in 2013.

 Accents in Emerald

Image via: Veranda

Using Emerald in your home will convey a sense of both calm and opulence, adding a lushness to your interior design.  Using it as a primary tone in a room might be a bit overwhelming, but it makes a beautiful accent when paired with neutrals like grays and sandy earth tones.  An Emerald accent can become an instant focal point in a room, rejuvenating the look of a space as it rejuvenates you.

 Creating a Focal Point in Emerald

Image via: Veranda

I would love to help you design your home’s interior with luscious Emerald accents!  Just contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 or emailing, and I’ll be happy to give your home a unique Pantone-inspired design.


Bedside Tables For Your Shabby Chic Bedroom

October 31st, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Shabby chic design is definitely a go-to bedroom style for many and selecting bedside tables are an integral part of your bedroom decor – both for function and design. Bedside tables are highly functional furniture pieces that need to provide ample surface area for your lamps, clocks, books, ipad or laptop at the same time compliment the pieces you already have.

So what types of nightstands work best with this Shabby Chic style?

Here are a few tips to help guide you down the right path while shopping for those bedside tables.

I would love to help you design your Master Bedroom. Contact us at Interior Makeovers Inc. 310-788-0990 or email:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stay Inspired!

World Tour of Design: Mexico

October 22nd, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

In last week’s World Tour of Design, I explored the visual elements of Moroccan design and architecture.  This week, I’d like to travel to Mexico and examine the design elements that characterize this beautiful region of the world.  This country has special significance to me because I actually designed a property in San Jose Del Cabo a few years ago.  It was not the typical idea of a house layout, yet it was a unique project surrounded by spectacular views of  both the pool and the ocean.

 San Jose Del Cabo Home Design

The climate and environment have a profound influence on Mexican design.  For example, this particular home I designed was built on a hillside and, instead of the typical house enclosed by four walls, this home was comprised of several separate buildings that were open to each other.  Large sliding pocket doors were integrated into each building for security and protection from the seasonal elements.

A major architectural element in Mexican design is the palapa.  Here this main living area which is constructed of dried palm leaves and pine beams provides much needed shade – and is very common in Mexican seaside communities.  The palapa is considered one of the most important architectural elements in Mexican design.   The warm climate of Mexico combined with the fresh ocean breeze near this property made this open layout very appealing, and the views it offered were unparalleled.

 Mexican Palapa

Earth tones are a key feature of Mexican design, from sandy beige to burnt sienna.  More vivid reds or oranges might also make an appearance, but the colors choices are typically warm as the summers in Mexico.  Integrated furniture is quite typical in Mexico – from beds and nightstands to seating in the palapa – they seem to organically rise up from the floor.

 Bedroom in Mexico

Mexican design also makes use of a lot of natural materials and handcrafted items.  Beautiful tiles, woven baskets, tropical plants, and wood furniture are all great accessories to implement if you are designing your home in the Mexican style.

 Living Room Design

                                                             All images via Lori Gilder – Interior Makeovers Inc.

For more information on designing your interior with Mexican influences or for help with your interior design, feel free to contact me at  Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.  I would love to help you create your dream home!