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Add Abstract Art to Your Home With Du Verre Hardware

March 26th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

Du Verre

Since returning from New York from the most invigorating 5 days, I can’t help but replay each day’s events in my head all in an attempt to relive every nuance of my #BlogTourNYC adventure.  The most gracious host Veronika Miller of Modenus made certain we were wined, dined and inspired at every turn and aligned this tour with Sponsorships from major design Brands.

At our welcome dinner I had the opportunity to sit near one of #BlogTourNYC event sponsors, the most delightful Gina Lubin, CEO and creative director of Du Verre Hardware. During dinner, Gina passed a plate of her contemporary “jewelry” hardware around the tables, where we could see and feel these pieces of art first hand! Perfectly  weighted and intricately detailed these eco-conscious designs would integrate beautifully into both residential and commercial projects alike.


As designers, we are well aware that specifying the ideal hardware is an integral finish detail in the overall success of a design concept. The use of artisan-styled hardware in architectural shapes creates a surprising element that is sure to draw the eye. It’s just like an unique piece of jewelry; it completes the outfit and inspires dozens of compliments from everyone who sees it – and who doesn’t love that?

Du Verre is a leader in the industry of unique hardware, working with a variety of talented artisans to bring to life some truly stunning pieces of modern design.  Artisans like William Harvey, Erin Adams, Scot Laughton, and yes…. Gina Lubin play with texture and organic forms to create hardware that is as much art as it is a functional piece of design.

William Harvey specializes in simple, organically abstract pieces that play with shapes and defy expectations.  His ARROYO collection, named for a Spanish word that means a water-carved gully, is slender and geometric, evoking the sense of a gully with the use of negative space.


Erin Adams, an award-winning artist and designer, brings her love of mosaic into her OFFSET design.  These cabinet pulls play with varying levels, creating unique shapes in all dimensions.  They are a beautifully modern addition to a home.


Scot Laughlin is world-famous for his industrial designs.  He designed the Series 3 Collection, one of Du Verre’s most popular hardware styles, which is simple and incredibly elegant in design.  The pieces look delicate and sensual, and they could easily fit within a variety of designs.


Gina Lubin may be the CEO and Creative Director of Du Verre, but she too enjoys creating original hardware designs.  Her Rio collection plays with texture and line, and no two pieces are exactly alike.  Rio knobs and pulls remind me of rippling water or intricate rock gardens— gorgeous!


BlogTour Badge NYC (tan & white)

Which is your favorite piece of hardware from Du Verre?  I’d love to hear your opinions!

Stay Inspired!

Images:  Du Verre

Image: Modenus

Hot Home Decor Trends for 2013

January 2nd, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 2 Comments

In my last post, I discussed the home design trends for 2013.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a large renovation project, you can still update your home’s interior with this year’s hot home decor trends.

Eclectic and Collected Interiors

As we become more globally connected through the various social technologies that have become more and more widespread in recent years, our home interiors begin to reflect this global influence.  Trending interior decorations are inspired by travel and cultures around the world.  Coupled with this trend is a nostalgia for the past, evidenced in the increasing interest in vintage and retro furniture.  Estate sales and flea markets are great places to search for these decorations, as are online resources like One Kings Lane and 1stdibs.

 Eclectic and Collected

Metals and Mirrors

Reflective surfaces are trending in 2013, including bright brass and copper finishes in everything from furniture to light fixtures.

 Metal Pendant Lamp

Industrial Accents

Pairing nicely with the vintage and retro furniture trend is an interest in industrial design.  Exposed brick, concrete floors, and accents made of metals and woods are becoming more popular in 2013.

 Industrial Accents

Patterns and Textures

We will be seeing more patterns, from chevron to animal prints, in upholstery, pillows, rugs, and wallpapers this year.  Textured walls using grasscloth or textured panels are trending, as is textured wood cabinetry and textured lighting fixtures.

Pattern and Texture

Gallery Walls

More people have enjoyed expressing their interests through collections of art and photography.  One of the best ways to showcase a diverse collection of art, photography, and collected objects is in a gallery wall.  It can make a powerful and personal statement in your home, especially if you fill it with meaningful images.

 Gallery Walls

I would love to help you design your home with the trending home design and decor of 2013.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.


Photo Credits:
1.) Martin Lawrence Bullard
2.) Circa Lighting
3.) Pinterest
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5.) Elle Decor

Simple and Elegant Thanksgiving Centerpieces

November 19th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Thanksgiving has come awfully quickly this year, but there is still plenty of time to perfect the look of your dining room table before it’s time for your delicious feast. Last year, I shared some of my favorite Thanksgiving table settings, but this year I’d like to focus on simple and elegant centerpiece ideas.  These centerpieces don’t have to take up a lot of space on the table, leaving more room for all the dishes of my favorite meal of the year!

Nature-inspired Thanksgiving table centerpieces are some of the most beautiful, affordable, and simple centerpieces to arrange.  While you’re hunting down the perfect turkey, consider stopping by a florist for some lovely blooms in autumn colors.  Sure you can always arrange them in a vase, but there are more unique ways to use your flowers in your Thanksgiving decor.

For a modern and minimalist approach just a couple of flowers arranged in a glass container will give you the wow factor.

Modern Flower Arrangement

Or you could remove the blossoms and arrange them underneath upturned glassware.  You could even add some candles or mini pumpkins on top of the glass stems.

Flowers Under Glasses Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is a feast, so incorporating food into your flower arrangements is a great way to create a decorating theme.  You can color-coordinate flowers with different colors of bell peppers cut to hold them like a vase.

Flower Arrangement with Bell Peppers

Or you could use butternut squash as a vase.  I love this look so much that I’m planning using it for my own table. I’ll post a photo of it next week!

Butternut Squash Centerpiece

If you want a centerpiece that will look fresh for longer than flowers, you could try this arrangement of miniature pumpkins held on candlesticks.

Pumpkins and Candlesticks

You can also get your kids involved by having them fill vases with layers of dried legumes, fruits, and nuts to act as a colorful candle holder.

Beans Candle Holder

How are you decorating your table this year?  Share your ideas in the comments, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Inspired!


Photo Credits:
1.) Decoist
2-5.) Better Homes and Gardens
6.) Epicurious

Finding Home Accessories at Rolling Greens Hollywood

October 26th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

One of my favorite places in Hollywood is a shop located at Beverly Boulevard and Gardner Avenue called Rolling Greens.  Occupying the historic Town Tire Co. building, this unique spot is full of inspiration both in the design of the building and in the plants and home accessories they carry.

Rolling Greens Hollywood

Rolling Greens Hollywood is full of one-of-a-kind and hand-made finds from a variety of sources, including estate sales, foreign bazaars, and artists’ studios.  They also have a huge selection of plants in their greenhouses, including both exotic indoor plants and blooming plants.  Whether designing an interior or an exterior room, Rolling Greens never fails to inspire me.

Rolling Greens Hollywood

Apparently I’m not alone in my love of Rolling Greens –  Martha Stewart visited the shop last March and enjoyed it so much she decided to share a photo tour of her time there.  It’s definitely worth a peek if you can’t visit Rolling Greens in person.

If it’s good enough for Martha…….

Rolling Greens Hollywood

I would love to help you design your home with finds from Rolling Greens!  You can contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 for more information.

Using One Kings Lane to Find Unique Home Accessories

October 3rd, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

One Kings Lane Logo

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to One Kings Lane.  For the past few years, it has been one of my favorite sources for unique and affordable home furnishings and accessories, and with good reason.  With a constantly changing inventory and great discounts, it’s easy to get drawn into the excitement of hunting down the perfect addition to your home decor.  One Kings Lane merges all the appeal of a high-quality vintage thrift store with the convenience of online shopping.

One Kings Lane

I recently inherited some beautiful furniture from my in-laws’ home in New York, which I am trying to make work in my living room.  Right now, the furniture just needs a few added accents and occasional pieces to make the whole look of the room feel cohesive, so I have been hunting down tables, lighting, accessories, and a bar cart on One Kings Lane.  Every night I take a look at the “Vintage and Market Finds” section.  If I find something fantastic, I have to grab it; these items go fast.

One Kings Lane

I’ve been very happy with One Kings Lane, and I’ve made several purchases from them over the years for my own home.  I highly recommend signing up if you enjoy discovering items with a lot of character to add to your home decor.  I would love to help you find the ideal way of mixing and matching these items in your interior design, so feel free to contact me by calling 310-788-0990 or emailing

Where is your favorite place to find home furnishings and accessories?


Photos via One Kings Lane

Pantone Fashion Colors in Interior Design

September 25th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Earlier this year, Pantone released its 2012 Fashion Color Report for fall, and last week they just released the 2013 Fashion Color Report for spring.  These reports predict the popular colors for the seasons as indicated by designer choices during New York Fashion Week.  They typically involve some bold and vibrant hues, some cool and muted tones, and at least one neutral that can tie all of the colors together.

Though the Pantone Fashion Colors are determined largely by wearable fashions, they also play a role in interior design.  Using these colors in your interior remodel is a surefire way to give your home an updated and fresh appearance, and many of the chosen colors make an incredible statement in a room.  Here are a few examples of how the Pantone colors for both the current fall season and upcoming spring season can make an impact on your interior design.

Fall 2012

Tangerine Tango

 Tangerine Tango Accent Wall

French Roast

French Roast Bedroom


 Titanium Dining Room



Spring 2013

Monaco Blue

 Monaco Blue Kitchen

Poppy Red

 Poppy Red Accents

Grayed Jade & Tender Shoots

 Grayed Jade and Tender Shoots in Bedroom

I would love to help you find the perfect place to use the Pantone Fashion Colors in your home!  Feel free to contact me at 310-788-0990 or emailing


Photos via Houzz

Reupholstering a Banquette: Snags and Solutions

September 6th, 2012 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

I love banquettes for their coziness and space-saving attributes.  They are more comfortable and capable of seating more people than most kitchen chairs and can be conveniently tucked into an odd corner or nook of your home.  Their comfort and convenience makes them a natural spot for spending relaxing time throughout the day or gathering for a casual and lingering conversation with friends and family.

A good banquette sees a lot of use and will therefore require reupholstering after a while. I was recently commissioned to reupholster a beautiful banquette for a client.  Their banquette had been well-used over the past five years, and the fabric was showing substantial wear and tear.  Though the banquette was nearly twelve feet long, the project itself was simple and straightforward, or so I thought.

We decided to use a strong and durable vinyl for the new upholstery on the banquette, and we found a beautiful upholstered vinyl fabric that looked promising and stood up well to initial tests for durability. Unfortunately, partway through the upholstering process we discovered that the embroidery on the vinyl was too delicate.  The fabric hadn’t even seen use in the home before snags started forming, and I couldn’t let the unraveling, delicate fabric into my client’s home.  I showed the supplier and immediately contacted the client about the issue.  Together we selected a simpler and more durable vinyl fabric, and the supplier was kind enough to cover the cost of the new fabric.


The “problem” vinyl fabric:

Embroidered Vinyl Banquette Cover

We have since finished the banquette and all is well. I used the lessons learned from this experience with the embroidered vinyl when recovering my own banquette in my kitchen nook.  Sometimes even the simplest projects run into their snags, but there is never an excuse to sacrifice quality craftsmanship for an easier solution.


Reselected vinyl-mid installation :

Plain Vinyl

I would love to help you redesign your space.  Contact us at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 or emailing

5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home In The New Year

December 7th, 2010 by Lori Gilder | 2 Comments

After all the fanfare of the holidays die down and we are done purging, cleaning and reflecting on 2010, its time to breathe some new life into our homes and give ourselves a well deserved design infusion to rejuvenate and restore our souls for the upcoming year.

Giving your home some TLC doesn’t have to cost a fortune or become a long and arduous process.  Here are some very simple and highly effective ways to freshen up your home in this New Year.

1.  De-clutter it! (Degree of Difficulty – easy)
We build our lives, save our memories, and document every nuance of our children’s growth.  The next thing we know we’re inundated with stuff we’ve accumulated over the years and can’t part with.  Living in a home that is cluttered and disorganized will immediately drain your energy – without even realizing it.

To eliminate the mess and get you to a peaceful resolve start by going through every bin, shelf, drawer and cabinet.  Gather all the papers, old toys, books and back issues of magazines – and get rid of them!  Don’t shuffle the clutter from one side of the room to the other.  Purge and remove everything from the space you’re about to redesign.  Only once everything is cleared away, you can start your project

2.  Re-arrange it! (Degree of Difficulty –easy)
Once you’ve de-cluttered your space start moving things around.  Take inventory of the furniture in each room and start experimenting.  Maybe your adorable bedroom chair would look even better in the living room, and those pair of table lamps would revitalize your bedroom ambiance.  Paint out the entry chandelier in a sleek finish and re-introduce it in the dining room.  Don’t be afraid to move your sofa and chairs and swap out the accessories from room to room without spending a dime.

3.  Paint it or Paper it! (Degree of Difficulty – easy to moderate)
For a fresh new look introduce splashes of color back into the home.  With a huge focus on hearth and home, natural colors will be dominating interiors this year.  From earthy browns, buttery yellows to tomatoes, pumpkins and greens or the dreamy glamour of a more pale, frosted and opalescent color palette may be more your style.

Another new trend to freshen up your home is the application of wallpapers.

I’m thrilled to see the resurgence of grasscloth!  This natural wall covering that was popular back in the ‘70’s has returned with even more elegance and sophistication than before.  The endless selection of hemps, silks, linens and metallics, are striking in both traditional and contemporary interiors – instantly adding texture and character to the space.  This material is the epitome of understated Eco-Chic. – Love it!

4.  Welcome it! (Degree of Difficulty – easy)
Enhance the front entry of your home by welcoming and exuding a positive energy flow into your home for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  Sound good?   Start by simply creating a focal point somewhere in your foyer.  A simple console table with a favorite piece of art hanging above, highlighted by a sophisticated table lamp – will evoke a positive feeling each time you and your friends walk through your front door.  Add a small water element or a mirror on the wall perpendicular to the door will only help in creating a well-balanced, healthy and prosperous life.

5.  Flower it! (Degree of Difficulty – easy)
Adding fresh flowers to your home décor is the piece de resistance in any design project and an instant pick-me-up! Next time you’re shopping for groceries or at your local farmer’s market pick up some fresh flowers and create some fun and unique arrangements. You don’t need to spend a fortune, just look for what’s in season, well priced and colorful enough to enhance your mood.  Place them in colorful glasses, pitchers or clear bowl and sprinkle these arrangements throughout your home.  I do this every week – it makes me happy.

I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “15 Money Saving Strategies When Planning Your Home Renovation”

Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.

Decorating On A Budget

September 9th, 2010 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

I have a question for you.  What goes through your mind when you’re flipping through those stunning high-end home design magazines?  Are you thinking: “Wow if I just had that budget I could live like a queen too!”  Or are you feeling: “If I only had that extra space then I could really show off my style!”

Well, it’s easy to get the high-end designer look for a fraction of the cost.  You just need the right inspiration, a solid direction and know where to look.

When it comes to making your house the home you’ve always wanted – consider Budget Decorating Online, your one-stop resource for all kinds of decorating projects on any budget. They have assembled a team of interior design pros to share their insider tips and trends to help guide you through your home design projects – at reasonable costs.  From learning how to avoid the biggest decorating blunders to making small spaces seem larger – these pros lead you down the path of least resistance, empowering you with everything you’ll need to finally live in the home you’ve only dreamed of.

As a new online contributor to Budget Decorating Online, I suggest you grab your laptop and settle in with your morning coffee and check out this fabulous decorating resource.

You’ll find accessible design ideas for all your home design projects.  So get started now – It’s all at your fingertips!

Stay Inspired!

I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “15 Money Saving Strategies When Planning Your Home Renovation”

Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.

Using Your Space – Big Ideas For Small Spaces

August 24th, 2010 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Small spaces can be big on style. You just need to know how to implement some tricks of the trade to give it that look of grandeur.

Older homes can be loaded with detail and charm, but many tend to be quite compartmentalized – with one small room after another.  Creating that extra space doesn’t have to be that costly if you creatively repurpose and reconfigure some of those existing rooms to gain that extra square footage – where you really need it.

Here are some great tips for living large in a small space.

Space Planning.

  • Know how your room must function for you now and later.  The more flexible the space the greater the longevity of having it work for you through the years.
  • Plan traffic flow to increase convenience from room to room.
  • Have your spaces relate to each other by creating a sense of flow, visually and spatially.
  • Expand your room by creating an opening in a wall adjoining two spaces or add new and more expansive windows flooding the interior with natural light and inviting the outdoors in.
  • Recognize the circulation patterns within your small space and make sure you can move about without obstacles blocking you.
  • Circulate the traffic off to one side of your room – not through the space.
  • Use every inch of space have – don’t waste any!

Maximize Storage.

  • Use the storage beneath your stairs to build in a closet, shelving unit or bar area.
  • Add recessed shelving and niches anywhere you have ample wall space to do so – always keeping the architecture of your home in mind.  Built-in china cabinets in the dining room or a stone ledge over your pedestal sink in the main bath will provide added storage and surfaces for those tighter spaces.
  • Add window seats or banquettes nestled into the corners of your bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens with easily accessible drawers for storage.
  • Use an archway for additional book storage and build in additional shallow floating shelves for added detail and storage.

Add Detail and Character.

  • A small space doesn’t need to be a bland one!
  • Define it by introducing some architectural elements such as arches, columns, new moldings, wainscoting, and even chair rails to your walls – and beams or molding to your ceiling.
  • Adding crown moldings to your ceilings will add a greater sense of volume and depth to your space.
  • Mirrored wall panels framed with architectural moldings will provide a brighter and more expansive feel and create some sparkle.
  • It’s all about creating a warm and beautiful environment – no matter the size of the room.

Minimize and Categorize Accessories.

  • Purchase larger scaled, more substantial pieces to create a stronger impact in your cozy space rather than displaying dozens of little knickknacks.
  • To really highlight your favorites, gather similar pieces together and cluster them in odd numbers, e.g., sets of three or five, to create a collection.  Whether they are placed on side tables or in shelving or display cases, rotate your collections throughout the seasons.
  • To achieve a sense of balance, place the largest piece in the center and have the smaller ones radiate around it.
  • Re-frame all your family photos in similar finishes so the photos pop, rather than the frames.

Highlight With Lighting.

  • Overlapping pools of light can create drama and provide an amazing effect over the entire space.
  • Not only will decorative lamps and wall sconces add a decorative touch to a room, they can enhance the design and provide a sense of sophistication to the elements you’d like to highlight.
  • For general lighting in every room, I like to specify dimmers to control the mood and transform the space.
  • In built- in cabinetry and shelving, small halogen puck lights create a sense of drama and accent accessories.
  • Install your gorgeous dining room chandelier no more than 36” to 42” inches from the top of your table to the underside of the fixture.

I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “15 Money Saving Strategies When Planning Your Home Renovation”

Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.