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A Mid-Century Modern Home Tour: The Kitchen

November 19th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

As we continue the tour of a mid-century modern style, it’s time to step into the room that continues to be the heart and soul of the home – the kitchen!  Over the years the kitchen has evolved into a multi-purpose space.  There are times it will serve as a four star restaurant, gourmet deli, dining room, office, entertainment room, living room – and all around social hub!

In more modern environments the open kitchen layout and design integrates well into the overall architecture of the home particularly when orienting the kitchen toward the open living space.  Below is the new kitchen floor plan of  our #PalmSprings project.  By removing  existing walls and re-orienting the workspace toward the expansive living area and spectacular mountain view, natural light will instantly flood the living ares of the home.

Modern Kitchen Layout

Open Spaces, Natural Tones, Clean Lines – The open floor plan allows you to interact with your guests while you are in  entertainment mode, making it a much more social, approachable and inclusive experience. Deep architectural elements complimented by light natural tones and clean and simple lines lend a distinctive modern charm to the kitchen.


Image via Mid Century Home

Let the Wood Take Center Stage – Natural wood tones and multiple species are common in this design style. Showcasing the beauty of these woods through the cabinetry and seating is an ideal place to highlight their natural beauty.

MCM Kitch Pinterest_opt

Image via Pinterest

Built-in Banquette and Modern Chairs – These days, a kitchen is not complete without a comfy seating area to enjoy the food and the company of family and friends. Regardless of the size, a sleek built-in banquette would work beautifully within a mid-century modern inspired kitchen. Introduce a pop of color on the tabletop and sprinkle a few Arne Jacobsen chairs around and you have the most stylish breakfast nook for you and homework center for the kids!

banquette pinterest_opt-1

Image Via Pinterest

Use the Right Lighting – Good lighting is essential to a well-functioning kitchen design no matter what style, and selecting a favorite mid century modern pendant for that space can really pack a punch! Whether you’re hanging pendants over your kitchen island or a single fixture over dining table, find your favorite piece. Does the sparkle of a sputnik-like chandelier give you the look you’re after  or is it the avocado PH pendant light?  Either way a stylized modern fixture like these will instantly speak the mid century modern lingo.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 4.17.25 PMImage via Apartment Therapy

I would love to help you design your modern kitchen and full home remodel.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.



A Mid-Century Modern Home Tour: The Living Room

October 17th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

My work in Palm Springs continues, and so does my tour of the possibilities of a mid-century modern home.  In this post, I’d like to talk about how you can incorporate mid-century modern design into your living room.

The living room is typically the social hub of the home for your family and friends, particularly when it’s also acting as the family room, den or TV room.  For these reasons, your mid-century modern living room must epitomize both comfort and style.

Selecting the ideal furniture:  Low-slung chairs and couches in neutral colors keep the room feeling open and spacious while providing plenty of seating.  Incorporating a mixture of natural woods with steel and glass accents in your coffee table, end tables, lighting fixtures, and any shelves or cabinetry is a great way to preserve the mid-century modern mixture of natural elements with industrial influences.  Tapered legs are a common feature of the furniture of this design style, so look for pieces that incorporate this design.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Bring the Outdoors In:  Floor to ceiling windows allow light to stream into the living room and connect the indoor space to the beauty of the outdoors. Live plants are also a common feature of mid-century modern rooms, so having some live houseplants in decorative pots featuring a strong and colorful pattern makes great accent pieces for tabletops or room corners.


Color and Design: Mid-Century modern is all about simplicity and functionality, so choose a signature piece of art or furniture you want to display and don’t detract from its visual impact with extraneous clutter or distracting color.  Neutral tones should comprise the majority of the room.  A graphic rug, interesting piece of artwork, brightly colored chair, or unusual feature like a suspended fireplace will add color and interest to the space without making feel busy and cluttered.


For more ideas and tips for designing your home in mid-century modern style, contact me online at Interior Makeovers, Inc.or give me a call at 310-788-0990 for a design consultation.


Image Credits:

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A Mid-Century Modern Home Tour: The Foyer

October 6th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

As we continue working on the Palm Springs project, I want to delve a little more deeply into the dominant style of the region.  Mid-century modern design truly  is a favorite architectural style of mine. The simplicity and authenticity of modern architectural design elements integrated with a site’s natural surroundings provides me with a sense of peace.

The first room of a mid-century modern home we should talk about is the foyer.  As the first room visitors see and feel as they step through the front door, this space sets the entire tone for your home.  Here are a few ideas for incorporating mid-century modern design into your own home:

Retro lighting: Mid-century modern table lamps feature curvy bases and tall shades. Vintage stores, flea markets, even garage sales, are a great place to find retro pieces to bring your mid-century modern design to life. Whether you choose beautiful blown glass with metal accents, solid bold hues that draw the eye, or a retro chandelier, mid-century modern lighting can not only draw attention to your design pieces, but is a design piece in and of itself.  Utilize this both in the chandelier and lamps placed on a console table by the front door.


Image via: Pinterest

Bold Colors: Warm, natural colors are common in mid-century modern design, often mixed with brighter colors that recall the 60′s like tangerine and avocado. Paint your walls with the calming neutrals and bring in bold bursts of color in a floor runner or retro-inspired artwork.

pinterest 2

Image via: Pinterest

Textures and Graphic Patterns: If you’re not sure about the bold colors, consider a neutral palette that brings out use of textures, angles, and graphic patterns either in wall coverings or flooring.  This is where you can have some fun and create some excitement when welcoming guests into your home.


Image via: Habitually Chic

For more information on incorporating mid-century modern design elements into your own home, contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.



Design in Palm Springs: Desert Modernism

September 17th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

I am  currently working on a re-design and renovation project in Palm Springs, California…and I’m loving it!  I particularly love the opportunity to work in the primary design style of Palm Springs: Desert Modernism.  A variant of a favorite design style, mid-century modernism, Desert Modernism is extremely prevalent in much of Southern California.  I think I love the simple elegance of the lifestyle most, where the exterior landscape becomes not just the backdrop, but the art of the home.



Like other modern styles, Desert Modernism makes use of straight lines and glass, which makes the space look bright, open, and clean.  Desert Modern style is further influenced by the particular challenges and benefits of living in a desert climate.  It’s not surprising in weather this warm that desert living is pretty informal, and the open interiors reflect this.  You won’t find much chintz or cluttered decor in this style; the rooms are designed to allow you to breathe and move around.  Too many details would feel suffocating in the hot desert climate.


This style isn’t barren, however.  Desert Modernism draws inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding desert, often featuring large windows and indoor/outdoor spaces to connect the home to its landscape.  Colors are often bright and airy neutrals, adding to the open atmosphere.  The limited color palette adds to the informal elegance that characterizes Desert Modernism.


Let me help you embrace the informal beauty of Desert Modernism in your own home.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. at 310-788-0990.


Photo 1 via Arcaid/Alamy

Photos 2 & 3 via Houzz

Luxurious Closet Design That Meets Your Every Need

July 11th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 2 Comments

You can never have too much storage space in a home, especially if you tend to collect belongings.  While most home storage is designed to be purely functional and often hidden behind a closed door, one area of your home where you can invite some luxury into your storage is the master closet.

Luxury Closet - House Beautiful

The master closet is one of the most private areas of your home– so why not be as decadent and indulgent as you want in your design!  Here are just a few ideas for a master closet that will make you swoon:

  • Organization – You’ll want plenty of hanging space for your clothes, and the standard shelf and rod is not going to cut it for a well-organized space.  Custom-designing your closet with built-in storage that can efficiently display shirts, pants, suits, and dresses organized in color stories, will make your primping experience much more pleasant.  This usually requires multiple shelves and hanging areas expertly spaced to make the most of the square footage of the closet.  If you have ample space your  master closet providing multiple drawers will free up floor space in your master bedroom!  And if you must share with your husband (and most of us do) provide him with tie/belt hangers and built-in shoe racks to help keep the closet from becoming haphazard and disorganized.


  • Seating – Comfortable seating is an absolute must! Use a cushioned bench or a full sofa chair, depending on the space available to you.  Not only does this give you a quiet spot to relax, it also makes it easier to put on your shoes in the morning.


  • Lighting –  In addition to having general overhead lighting, consider track lighting to focus on your actual wardrobe. Wall sconces are another wonderful option for getting more light into this room.  Don’t stick with standard light fixtures, either; luxurious fixtures like an overhead chandelier can go a long way toward an incredible-looking space.
  • Full Length Mirror – You don’t want to leave your home with a missed button or a flipped collar!  Full-length mirrors are a must for checking your appearance before you head out.  Choose one with a frame so that it looks like a piece of art in your closet.
  • Vanity – Include a vanity that can be used to apply makeup and put on jewelry.  Ideally, the vanity will have its own lighting and a cushy seat as well as a well-organized drawer for holding your jewels and makeup.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 6.44.23 AM

  • TV – A TV in the closet is a great way to know what weather and traffic to expect from the day as you’re getting ready.  No more running back inside for that jacket!
  • Coffee Station – For extra convenience, install a coffee bar nestled into a corner of the closet, especially if you’re like me and can’t live without those early morning cups.

 Closet with Coffee Bar and Television

For additional design tips and ideas for your home, be sure to visit me online at Interior Makeovers, Inc.. or call us at 310-788-0990. I’d love to help you create your ideal luxury closet space.

Photo credits:

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Renovate Your Kitchen for Long-Lasting Design

July 8th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

I shouldn’t come as any surprise that kitchens still rank as one of the most desired home renovation projects for homeowners.  Even if you’re not a gourmet chef, odds are you still spend a lot of time in your kitchen throughout the day.  A well-designed kitchen is a natural hub for family members to gather and interact, cook and do homework, and mix drinks and entertain.  A poorly designed kitchen is at best an inefficient eyesore and at worst an uncomfortable or even dangerous room in which to cook.

A luxurious kitchen design is not difficult to achieve.  If a kitchen remodel is at the top of your home improvement list, educate yourself on some of the current kitchen trends.  While you don’t need a “trendy” kitchen design per se,  knowing where the modern kitchen is headed will keep your new kitchen from looking dated– and you’ll definitely get great ideas for features you never knew you wanted!

Here are some current trending features for you to consider:

  • Neutral Colors – Neutral colors are currently trending and is also a wise choice when anchoring this space.  Incorporating varying neutral tones will give your kitchen the longevity and timeless design for years to come.  Introduce your favorite colors and textures in the seating, art, and accessories and rotate your collectables for a fresh update.  The neutrals are best used in high ticket areas of the kitchen, like the cabinets, countertops and flooring.


  • Open Design – Because the kitchen space is often used as a more social area by families, you may want to consider creating an open floor plan. Open plans are easier to navigate, especially if you have more than one cook in the kitchen.  Creating a sense of uncluttered space with varying materials provides a more expansive and integrated architectural feel to your overall home design.


  • Luxurious Appliances – If you’re going to upgrade your appliances –  invest in quality. State of the art cooking appliances such as an induction cooktops, refrigerator drawers and steam ovens may not make you an incredible chef on their own, but they will greatly increase the efficiency and enjoyment of any kitchen.


For additional home renovations and kitchen remodeling advice, be sure to visit me online at Interior Makeovers or give us call us at 310-788-0990.

Photo Credits:

1.) Traditional Home

2.) House Beautiful

3.) Miele

Barber Wilsons & Co. Making Taps Fit for Royalty

April 12th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

If Downton Abbey still has you in its grips, you will love this next #BlogTourNYC Sponsor!  England-based Barber Wilsons & Co. is a creator of fine plumbing fixtures in gorgeous traditional British style.


Barber Wilsons & Co.’s luxury plumbing fixtures are designed for everything from kitchen and bathroom sinks to showers, tubs, and bidets, all in a variety of traditional designs.  To complete the collection, they also have accessories like lever handles and bath plugs to match.  One of their finest features is a Mastercraft styled thermostatic shower valve, which provides the ultimate control over your shower’s temperature.

Barber Wilsons & Co. fittings

This company is the oldest water fittings company in the UK, having been around for more than a hundred years.  They have had plenty of time to perfect their craft and design plumbing fixtures fit for a queen– literally!

In addition to a long and prestigious history, Barber Wilsons & Co. holds a Royal warrant from Her Majesty the Queen of England for at least five years of supplying superb goods or services to her.  The tradition of Royal warrants has been around since the Middle Ages to formally recognize excellent service to the Royal family, and it has very strict guidelines that must be met in order for a business to achieve and keep such an honor.



If you love the traditional style and want fixtures fit for a queen, incorporate these exquisite fittings from Barber Wilsons & Co. into your next bathroom renovation project.  Share your thoughts on these beautiful fittings in the comments below!

Image 1: Barber Wilsons & Co.

Image  2:  Elle Decor

Image 3: Modenus

Stay Inspired!

Hide Your Clutter with Smart Design

March 13th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 1 Comment

Your home’s environment can be easily ruined by excess clutter and unattractive storage solutions. Incorporating clever design tips into your home can be as simple as choosing the right furniture or implementing modern organizing innovations…always with a creative touch. When redesigning a space, it really is best to provide multiple ways to keep the visual accumulation of clutter at bay. We all have “stuff” that needs to find a permanent home and the reality is –  not everyone lives in a show house that dons the cover of  House Beautiful.  However, with some storage-savvy solutions, your home can be on its way to becoming ”camera ready”.

elle decor nantucket retreat elle decor white living room built in book shelves striped ottomans

Recessing niches or shelves within the walls of a living room or office provides excellent storage and display options and is ideal for your highlighting your favorite collections and books. Just keep these shelves neat and organized.


It’s easy to take advantage of any space beneath beds or couches by utilizing storage bins or other containers, but you can also hide your clutter in plain sight with good design. Custom built filing cabinets can have a lot of character and look like an integrated part of your home — a far cry from those shabby metal cabinets you see so often!  Furniture that pulls double duty, like a bench that can store spare blankets or a mirror with hooks for displaying your jewelry, can also go a long way.


In this increasingly technological world, the cords that power our varied electronic devices tend to pile up and look terribly disorganized. A desk, entertainment center, or kitchen space with a mess of tangled and crossing wires can be fixed in several ways. For one, many gadgets are going wireless, so consider investing in printers, keyboards, mice, gaming controllers, and cable boxes that require little to no external wiring. With the growing popularity of laptops and tablet computers that boast ever-superior batteries, going cordless is a great option.

I would love to integrate clever storage design in your home.  Share your own questions and ideas with me in the comments or on my Facebook page!

Stay Inspired!

Images via Elle Decor, Better Homes and Garden, House Beautiful

It’s All in the Details: Adding the Finishing Touches to a Home Design

March 7th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

When planning a major renovation of any space in your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and become overwhelmed with the massive changes taking place.  Walls are removed, kitchen’s are gutted and dust is flying….just for starters. Everything old becomes new again – new cabinetry, appliances, floors and furniture are installed – with new colors infused throughout . Yet some of the most important elements of the overall design can be the finishing touches and subtle details that are nestled inside. It’s these details which make a house…..your home!


Once the big changes are made, the final touches and details provides the room with a sense character which unifies the entire design.  It’s like the garnish on a dish or the right accessories to complete an outfit; without the details the room would look new and function well, but look …a little flat.

home renovation lighting design

Spectacular lighting is one detail that should never be overlooked.  The right lighting can transform the mundane to magnificent. In a”modern” environment blend recessed lighting with a sculptural element, for a simple and very effective detail.  Well-chosen light fixtures really acts as the  jewelry for a room.


Selecting the proper display items, decorative accessories, and artwork to suit an overall design can be a major challenge.  You want them to reflect your personality and tastes, but they also need to work well with the other colors, styles, and design elements in the room. A single, piece of  artwork  or spectacular chandelier that pack a punch will not only create a focal point in the room, but add your personality to the space.

What are your favorite finishing touches?  Share them with me in the comments or on my Facebook page!

Stay Inspired!

Images via Better Homes & Gardens, Pinterest, Architectural Digest

World Tour of Design: England

January 31st, 2013 by Lori Gilder | 2 Comments

In our last World Tour of Design, we explored the rich and warm aesthetic of Kenyan design.  Since I still find myself occasionally slipping into a British accent thanks to my recent Downton Abbey binge, I’d like to take this World Tour of Design to England.

We have been translating the British aesthetic in the U.S. from our very beginning, giving it an American twist, but classic English decor and architecture still remains as sophisticated and elegant as afternoon tea and biscuits, providing us with plenty of interior design inspiration.

English design, influenced by the Italian and French during the 17thand 18th centuries, can be simplified into two major styles: Victorian and English Country. The Victorian style came about as a new wealthy class developed in urban settings due to the Industrial Revolution, and the English Country style was born on large country estates for the landed gentry of that era.

The opulence and drama of Victorian décor calls for bold colors in living rooms and bedrooms. Dining rooms and libraries can go lighter, but they could feature special paint finishes or highlighting textures. Victorian walls are papered in primary florals or earth-toned leaf patterns. Extravagant furniture pieces feature ornate French-influenced scrolls and curved edges or the overstuffed styles inspired by British Eastern colonies.

Victorian design

Comfortable, classic English Country design features dark, autumnal colors that mimic the rich shades of a bountiful harvest, along with wallpaper in intricate floral patterns inspired by an English garden. Create that lived-in look with overstuffed furnishings, brass accents and your favorite collectibles for a slightly more curated interior with a lot of character. Traditional wooden bookcases filled to the brim with books, a cheerful fireplace, and a large leather sofa should give the room a sense of coziness.

English Style Living Room

For more interior design inspiration or help infusing English Country charm or Victorian opulence into your home, contact me or call 310-788-0990 at Interior Makeovers Inc. I’d love to hear from you!


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