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Celebrate the Outdoors This Summer

June 29th, 2013 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

This weekend the temps are going to soar here in LA which means that summer is officially here!  This is one of my favorite seasons  for casual gatherings with friends, mostly due to the fact that the weather is ideal for outdoor cookouts and garden parties. So it makes sense that one of the most sought-after home improvement projects over the past several years are comfortable and well-designed outdoor living spaces.  Homeowners in every climate are looking for better ways to enjoy the company of friends in the fresh air in an effort to extend the summer lifestyle.

An outdoor living area can be designed with all the comforts of an indoor space while allowing you to fully take advantage of the gorgeous summertime weather, whether it’s having friends and family over for a barbecue or simply having a place outside where you can enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself.

Here are a few design tips to consider implementing for your outdoor space.

  • Garden Retreat – Create an outdoor space that utilizes a pergola to help shade you from the sun without completely blocking the light. For an area like this, introduce a number of different plants, trees and flowers to help provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for reading a book in the afternoon!

House Beautiful Pergola

  • Outdoor Living Room – Planning on entertaining more than a few guests during the summer? A subtle transition from the interior to exterior  will provide you with more livable square footage.  Build an outdoor living space directly outside of your home to help bring some of your indoor comforts out. This elegant extension will provide you with a mini home “resort” feeling which will enhance your quality of life and increase the value of your property!


  • Patio Space – Sometimes, all you need is a small patio. If you like spending casual time with friends, family or by yourself, then a patio is the perfect place to do it. Add a table and surround it with comfortable seating of your choice for an easy to maintain and enjoyable patio area.


These are just a few design tips for your home that you can use to create an outdoor area to enjoy. For more architectural interior design advice, please visit me at Interior Makeovers.

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Time To Create The Bath You’ve Always Wanted

May 6th, 2010 by Lori Gilder | 2 Comments

With everyone’s hectic lifestyle, the bathroom is the one place to escape from it all to retreat and relax. Whether you’re renovating a main floor powder room, the kids’ Jack and Jill, or your master bath, you want to make sure you create that sanctuary that provides you with a sense of peace you crave at the beginning and end of the day.

We could typically spend up to 7 hours a week lounging in the bath, steaming in our showers, grooming, cleansing and applying makeup.  This is a room to be lived in rather than just pass through and that’s why it requires such careful attention.

These spaces tend to be among the costliest rooms to renovate. That’s why it’s important to realize it’s less about trends and more about style. Whether remodeling or adding on a new bath, think about all those amenities you might have wanted in your bathroom but never had. Now’s your chance. Read the magazines, search online, and visit your bath supply showrooms for wonderful inspirational ideas.

Ideally bedrooms and baths should be separated visually from the main working areas of your house. At least one guest bath or powder room should be easily accessible from the kitchen and family room area of your home.

The master bath should be large enough to fit an oversized tub, generously sized shower, and double vanity sinks—and as many other bells and whistles to provide you with the Zen-like atmosphere you crave.

If you’re faced with any of these issues in your own home then maybe it’s time to think about correcting these old problems by creating new solutions.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you short a powder room, and right now your guests use your main bath?
  • Is your tiny main bath too cramped and cluttered for a family of four?
  • Does your sink and combination bath/shower drip and leak and just doesn’t work well anymore?
  • When your bathroom door is kept open, can you see the toilet from down the hallway? (Yuck)
  • Can you hear everything in your current powder room—there’s no privacy or sound insulation?
  • Are you still in love with the pink tub, toilet and sink – or is it time to let it go?
  • Are you struggling with insufficient storage and unable to organize all your products and supplies?
  • Is the moisture level is too high and the overwhelming scent of mildew proving to be more than you can handle?

Are you now ready to create new solutions?

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Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.

Your Retreat, Your Sanctuary, Your Home (Part2)

April 14th, 2010 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

Since we only have one chance to make a good first impression, it’s very important that the front entrance of your home be welcoming, open and exude positive energy – all in an effort to provide you with balance and harmony the minute you enter your home, Welcome to your sanctuary.

This isn’t meant to be a lesson in Feng Shui, however incorporating some basic Feng Shui principles into the design of your entry, will direct the flow of good energy into your home and set the stage for what’s to come.  This 3000-year old Chinese discipline believes that all elements within the home – when appointed in a certain way –will create a well-balanced, healthy and prosperous life.

So, welcome the good energy in and re-new your spirit by introducing some of these inviting elements into your main entry foyer.  It’s makes good design sense and supports a positive energy flow.

A Clear Path. Clearly define a path to your door, which leads into your home.  Line the path with beautiful natural elements that will draw the energy in.

The Front Door. The front door sets a tone for what lies inside.  Make sure it compliments your home’s architecture and if at all possible introduce some glass to allow in natural light.  Consider painting out your front entry door black or red.  A red door will naturally draw the positive energy into your home, and a black door will draw in wealth.

Focal Point. Create a landing station or focal point somewhere in your foyer.  A console table with your favorite piece of art above will evoke a positive feeling every time you walk through the door.  Add some fresh flowers for that special touch.

Storage. To maintain a calm atmosphere, remove any clutter and provide a closet to store coats, jackets, backpacks and anything else to keep your entry clean and well organized.

Lighting. Beautiful wall sconces and garden lights lining the pathway will create a warm welcoming atmosphere leading into your home.  For interior lighting either recessed lighting on dimmers or a central fixture will provide flexibility in ambience.  Add a sophisticated table lamp on your entry console table to highlight that favorite piece of art.

Sound and Reflection. The water element is not only soothing to hear, but attracts positive energy into your space.  Tabletop fountains with the sound of water trickling over the stones, soothes the soul and energizes the spirit.  A large mirror positioned on a wall perpendicular to the front door, will expand your space and reflect a neighboring room.  (Never place a mirror directly in front of entry door – as the good energy will be repelled back out).

The main foyer not only welcomes you and your guests into your home, it also sends them off – back out to the world, so it’s important to provide a smooth transition from the exterior to the interior and vice versa.  Consider extending similar flooring material from the entry porch into the home, so why not paint the interior of the main entry door the same color as the exterior color. (Even if it’s not the same color as all the other doors). Setting your entry door apart from all others lets everyone know the direction they’re headed.

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Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.

Your Retreat, Your Sanctuary, Your Home (Part 1.)

March 31st, 2010 by Lori Gilder | No Comments

When I design a home, it’s my desired goal to create a personal experience, inspired atmosphere and enhance my client’s quality of life. Developing a plan that integrates the interior with the exterior and invigorates a daily renewal of mind, body and spirit is more important now than ever.  Not only should your home reflect your personality, it should envelop you, calm you and make you say “Ahhh” the moment you walk through the door.

Does your home do that for you?

If you have a crazy busy schedule like I do, you undoubtedly yearn for a sense of calm, order and serenity at the end of your day – a place that neutralizes the daily chaos of life and allows you to unplug from the external stresses.

Like any design project transforming your home into a retreat and sanctuary requires some homework on your part. In order to create a home that is more comfortable, more satisfying and more balanced, you need to take good look at how you currently live, and then visualize the way you want to live.

The more thought and consideration you give to your home now, the more pleased and satisfied you’ll be with the end result.

So ask yourself these questions.

  • Is your home welcoming and inviting?
  • Does it make you happy and bring you joy?
  • Is your home comfortable?
  • Is it uncluttered, organized and visually restful?
  • Does your home feel balanced and congruent with who you really are?
  • Have you incorporated natural elements such as wood, stone, water and plants throughout your home?
  • Do you hear soothing sounds to relax you?
  • Are you welcomed by a familiar scent as you open your door?

Tactfully combining the five natural (feng shui) elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal along with the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell will ultimately create a soothing and tranquil home environment. Creating this unparalleled home experience will re-energize your spirit and repair your sense of well-being.

I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “How to Avoid the 15 Most Common Decorating Mistakes”

Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.